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I was lost. I am still a little lost. I have found an outlet for everything that runs through my mind. I can write about passions and life choices that led me to where I am today. I am learning about life and I want to share my experiences with people. People willing to listen and learn from my life. People who can also teach me about their experiences and I can learn. Today is the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m starting something new to help me find out who I am as a person while reaching many people. I’m excited and nervous to see what this chapter unfolds. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Let the adventure begin!29178638_10211494687537984_6330628793501172206_n

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Support is okay…

Help is not the enemy! I am a caregiver for so many people and animals. Children, adults, elders, and animals rely on me for support, knowledge, and basic needs. I love being a caregiver especially to animals, but some days are tough. It drains me and takes me away from self-love. I gain peace from doing yoga and it helps me understand what my body, mind, and soul need. If you read my previous post, you’ll gain more understanding about my yoga practice. During yoga, my teacher mentioned the use of props for support. The props such as yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters give the body support to open up more. I am not a person who takes support easily. I would rather do everything myself and only rely on myself. It is hard on my mind, body, and soul and I had this realization during yoga. She encouraged the class to use the support even if you’re not accustomed to it. I was resistant at first, but now I use all supportive objects I can. I noticed a difference between the yoga poses and how my body reacted to them. In the poses with supportive objects, my body opens more freely and I can feel the stress and tension melt away. In the positions without any support, my body resisted the openness and I still felt tension. I encourage anyone who feels uncomfortable taking support to try yoga poses with supportive objects. After a couple months of supportive yoga poses, I am more willing to take support for people. Previously, I would not take any support from anyone who offered and now I will take some if I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I will even ask for help! This was a major turning point in my life because I used to kill myself to help other people. After this realization, I put my self-love first before other people. If I can keep myself going and happy then how will I help other people? I also realized it is okay to say no to people. Yes, I have a responsibility to take care of children, animals, and people. It doesn’t every time someone asks you for help you have to give up your happiness to do it for them. It is okay to say no!


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It might sound cliché, but yoga has helped me heal my mind, body and soul. My life is filled with stress, like everyone else, but yoga taught me how to let go and move on. The art of meditation forces people to breathe through their thoughts and clear their mind. It has helped me discover a way to reduce my stress and process my thoughts in a better way. I work with children and my stress level is high. Children act out and the way I react to it alters everyone’s mood. Yoga and meditation helps me become less reactive to stressors. I notice a complete change in my attitude if I miss a yoga class. It has helped me work through many difficult days and choices in my life. I was a skeptic at first, but once I continued to go it was the best choice I have ever made.


Yoga is a great way to release tension within the body. It also is a great way to build strength and gain flexibility. I have had many health issues even though I am only 25 years old. Once I added yoga into my routine, it helped control my auto-immune diseases. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me it would help, but through my own experience I noticed a major difference. When my body has higher cortisol levels from stress, the auto-immune diseases flair up and I show symptoms again. I have tried medicines and other methods, but yoga has been the only one that has truly helped. It has also helped me gain body awareness and understand my body so much more. I know what type of yoga helps me the most and what my body needs. I hold tension in my neck and shoulders which guides me to do different yoga poses to open up those areas. Supported fish is one of my favorite yoga poses for my neck, chest, and shoulders. It is amazing! I encourage others to join yoga and see how it helps them because it has changed my life.


Namaste. If you go to a yoga class, it is likely you will hear the word Namaste. Namaste means the light within me honors the light within you. When I first started practicing yoga, I didn’t really understand the meaning of the word and why yoga teachers always said it. I have realized the word brings together everyone in the class.  It makes everyone feel unified and equal. When I sit on my mat with up to twenty other people, it could feel overwhelming, but instead I feel calm and supported. Everyone is sitting on their mats for a bigger reason than exercise. They want to better themselves and join something that is bigger than them. It’s a community without judgement that supports and understands people in a unique way. My soul feels opened and brightened when I leave a yoga class. It is a beautiful thing.