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Support is okay…

Help is not the enemy! I am a caregiver for so many people and animals. Children, adults, elders, and animals rely on me for support, knowledge, and basic needs. I love being a caregiver especially to animals, but some days are tough. It drains me and takes me away from self-love. I gain peace from doing yoga and it helps me understand what my body, mind, and soul need. If you read my previous post, you’ll gain more understanding about my yoga practice. During yoga, my teacher mentioned the use of props for support. The props such as yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters give the body support to open up more. I am not a person who takes support easily. I would rather do everything myself and only rely on myself. It is hard on my mind, body, and soul and I had this realization during yoga. She encouraged the class to use the support even if you’re not accustomed to it. I was resistant at first, but now I use all supportive objects I can. I noticed a difference between the yoga poses and how my body reacted to them. In the poses with supportive objects, my body opens more freely and I can feel the stress and tension melt away. In the positions without any support, my body resisted the openness and I still felt tension. I encourage anyone who feels uncomfortable taking support to try yoga poses with supportive objects. After a couple months of supportive yoga poses, I am more willing to take support for people. Previously, I would not take any support from anyone who offered and now I will take some if I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I will even ask for help! This was a major turning point in my life because I used to kill myself to help other people. After this realization, I put my self-love first before other people. If I can keep myself going and happy then how will I help other people? I also realized it is okay to say no to people. Yes, I have a responsibility to take care of children, animals, and people. It doesn’t every time someone asks you for help you have to give up your happiness to do it for them. It is okay to say no!